Getting Started – Organisation and Default Settings

This article guides you through the Settings and Defaults sub tabs in the Organistion settings area, accessed via the left side bar. These tabs allow admin users to manage your general organisation settings, subscription, add default images, logos and terms & conditions, currencies and payment schedules.

The organisation admin can access the Organisation page by clicking the organisation cog icon, located on the left sidebar. 

  1. Select the settings cog icon in the side bar. The Organisation setting area consists of 6 main area sub tabs:

To access the Team, Accounting, Tasks and Customise help files click the hyperlinks above.

Organisation settings

  1. Switch to the Settings tab.
  2. In this section, enter the Organisation name, set the end date for the financial year, edit your organisation’s Sales goal.
  3. In the next section you can add a Billing address for your organisation.

Note: This is the address that will appear on your Tourwriter subscription invoice.


Agency management

An Admin user can enable Agency management for the organisation by clicking the Enabled icon. Once Enabled this can not be undone.

For more details on Agency management read this help file.

Enquiries library

The Enquiries library stores traveller enquires ready for connecting them to an Itinerary. To enable the Enquiries tab click Enable and the Enquires tab will appear in the main navigation sidebar. Clicking Edit form will navigate the User to the Enquires Form Settings subtab. 

For more details on Enquires library and customising your Enquiry form read this help file.

Manage subscription

You can change your existing plan or update your credit card details in the Manage subscription section.

  1. Explore your current plan options. Select a plan that suits your business best.
  2. Click Change plan to choose another plan.
  3. Enter your card details in the Credit card field to get started.
  4. Change the credit card that is used for your subscription at any time, by clicking on the pencil button next to your credit card field.

Note: To learn about user roles and adding a team member to Tourwriter, refer to Getting Started – User Roles.

Default settings

The Defaults tab accesses the default settings section and lets you choose default configurations for Itineraries and bookings, manage currencies and payment schedules. 

Itineraries and bookings

Terms and conditions

  1. Include a generic terms & conditions blurb for all new itineraries. Click the edit icon at the end of the Itinerary terms & conditions row to open the Terms and conditions page. Enter the organisation terms & conditions and go back to save the changes. Select a default Itinerary logo and Itinerary hero image by clicking the edit icon at the end of the row.

Note: Any changes made here will not affect existing itineraries but will apply for all itineraries created there on.

Supplier booking emails

  1. Tourwriter’s booking features  allow you to effortlessly send booking requests to your suppliers, and receive responses all from within the software. More information on managing booking email settings can be found on this help file.

Manage Currencies

By default there are 5 predefined standard currencies in your Tourwriter (shown below). You can easily add more currencies, or remove any that do not apply to your business. Let’s go through the steps to manage currencies for your organisation:

  1. In the Currencies section, select Manage currencies to view the list of available currencies.

Note: Tourwriter supports 170 world currencies

  1. Add all the currencies you would like available in your Tourwriter account.
  2. Select a default currency by clicking the star icon.
  3. The default currency is used when setting a rate for a new Supplier.
  4. You can change this in the settings within each Supplier or Itinerary.


  • You can only select one currency as your default currency. We recommend you reserve your default currency to buy most of your services.
  • You cannot delete the default currency.
  • You can only use currencies on itineraries and suppliers that you have enabled in the organisation settings.

Payment schedules

Create payment schedules – more information can be found in this help file.