Accounting setup

This article guides you through setting up your organization so you are ready for exporting itinerary data to an accounting system. In the Accounting setup you can add your sales tax information, Chart of Accounts  and also map your incoming and supplier payments to your chart of accounts.

General settings

  • Tax number – This is your company tax number and it will display on the PDF invoices you send to travelers
  • Payment instructions – These are the payment instructions that will appear in your PDF invoices

Sales tax rates

For customers who export itinerary supplier payments for the purpose of uploading to an accounting system, you can assign a sales tax rate to assist with your tax compliance requirements. The first tax rate added will be the default rate applied to all supplier payments. If you have more than one tax rate configured you can override the default for any item in an itinerary.

How to override the default tax rate in an itinerary

  1. Navigate to the Pricing tab in an itinerary.
  2. Click Edit pricing for the Item you wish to override.
  3. Select an alternative tax rate from the Change tax rate dropdown.
  4. Click Save to save your changes

Note: To view the tax rates assigned to an item, click the gear icon on the Markup column and select Sales tax %

Note: When exporting to Xero the Accounting export name should exactly match the Tax rate name in Xero to ensure the upload is successful.

Chart of accounts

For customers who export itinerary supplier payments to upload to an accounting system you can add your account to Tourwriter and then map these to your product types to ensure your payments are automatically mapped to the correct account in your accounting platform. First add all your accounts to match your accounting system then map them as detailed below.

To add accounts already setup in your accounting platforms Chart of accounts:

  1. Click Add account
  2. Type a code (usually 3 or 4 digits. This is a mandatory field)
  3. Type the Account name (This is a mandatory field)
  4. Click Save 

Note: You can edit a line if you make a mistake or delete the code if necessary.

Product type mapping

Once you have add an account to your Chart of accounts you can map or associate your accounts to some or all of the Product types. Each account created above is available in the mapping dropdown. Selecting the appropriate option will assign it to the product type. You can also select an alternative later or select Unmapped.