Display price

The Display price function allows a User to easily lock the sell price which is visible to the traveller when sharing an itinerary or exporting by PDF. This can be used to ensure travellers do not accidentally see instant price changes during itinerary repricing. The manually added display price overrides the Total price on shared online itineraries and the PDF Itinerary export and only changes when edited by a User.

How to activate the itinerary Display price

  1. On the Pricing tab go down to total price, click Edit more, Edit total pricing
  2. The option to add a Display price is available in the pop up dialog.
  3. Add your Display price and click Save.
  4. The Display price (highlighted in blue) will now display along with the Total price data on the Pricing page.

Note: It is good practice to ensure the total of all items in an itinerary matches the Display price.

Note: When the Display price is lower than the Total price are warning displays. This warning will dissappear when the Display price matches or is greater than the Total price.