Export supplier payments

The Export payments function means you can export supplier payment data from an Itinerary into a CSV file ready for uploading to accounting software such as Xero. You can then either reconcile payments already made or create bank payments via your accounting software.

Generate a supplier payments CSV

  1. Ensure supplier payment lines are visible by selecting applicable Booking statuses. View the Supplier payments help file for more info.
  2. Tick 1 or more payment lines or Select all and the Export payments button will become active
  3. Select Export payments
  4. Review the dialog box, tick the Mark exported as paid if you wish, then click Export
  5. A Save as dialog will open. Confirm your preferred file location and file name then click Save
  6. Once the file has finished downloading open the CSV file and use the data as desired.

Note: When marking exporting payments as paid Tourwriter will automatically match the set amount paid and date fields. This is useful when creating payments runs in accounting software.

Note: Any payment item that has been exported will display the Payment has been exported download icon