Supplier payments

Supplier payments feature allows you to manage and track the process of paying your suppliers. Once you have set up the payment terms for suppliers, you can keep track of payment details for all confirmed bookings for each itinerary and you can modify/change the payment details for supplier payments in the itinerary.

Booking items will only appear in the Payments>Supplier Payments subtab for Suppliers with active Payment terms or for Items with confirmed Booking status assigned. Payment Terms help file is here.

Generate and view supplier payments for an itinerary

  1. Create an Itinerary.
  2. Add booking items to the Build tab.
  3. Navigate to the Bookings to update booking item status to a confirmed booking status if payment terms do not relate to a payment Due Date.
  4. The below Booking status are considered confirmed statuses:
    • Booking confirmed
    • Amendment confirmed
    • Cancellation confirmed with fee
    • Provisional Hold
  5. To view upcoming payments select the Payments tab then click on the Supplier Payments subtab.
  6. To confirm a supplier payment is Paid, select the more option icon and click Edit.
  7. Edit the supplier payment modal with the following fields and click Save when finished. All the below fields are editable however once saved the payment cannot be edited.
    • Due date – Can be edited
    • Amount due – Can be edited but edits should happen on the Pricing tab and the Refresh payments should then be clicked.
    • Amount paid – This is the total amount paid if multiple supplier payments are made.
    • Date paid – Can be edited and/or updated.
  8. Once saved the payment status for each Item will displayed. The Statuses are:
    • PARTIAL – will display when a payments is for less than the Amount due
    • PAID – will display when a payment exactly matches the Amount due
    • OVERPAID – will display when a payment is for more than the Amount due
    • OVERDUE – will display when no payment is recorded past the Due date

Note: When a payment is first Saved the Item automatically locks. A payment must be unlocked before it can be edited later.

Note on Warning: When an Item price is edited it may no longer match the Amount due, this will trigger ‘An amount does not match…’ warning. To remove this click Refresh payments so the updated Amount due displays.