Supplier Pricing

On Expert plan and above you can set up Supplier rates for new and existing Suppliers in your Tourwriter Supplier database allowing automatic pricing when building itineraries as well as easy supplier payment reconciliations for confirmed itineraries.

Set Margins

A defined rate can be set for each Supplier along with a set currency. To set up a Supplier’s rate:

  1. Navigate to the Supplier tab.
  2. Navigate to the Supplier you would like to edit.
  3. Select the Pricing tab.
  4. Set the Supplier’s rate based on the following scenarios:
    • Supplier provides a Net rate:
      • Choose Net which is the preset option.
      • Add a Default markup in percentage.

Note: At the Itinerary level, the Gross amount is automatically calculated as Net + Markup. You can adjust the default markup on a per-itinerary basis.

    • Supplier provides a commission structure on their gross rates
      • Select Gross within the Margins section.
      • Enter the Default commission that they have agreed to pay you.

Note: The Net rate for the supplier is calculated as the Gross minus the Commission.

Set currency

User can assign a default currency paid to the supplier. Available currencies already configured in the Organization settings will be available via the drop down. Select the appropriate currency to assign. For more information on setting up currencies read this help article.

Payment Terms

The Payment Terms feature allows users to keep track of supplier payments and due dates.

  1. Select the Pricing tab 
  2. Scroll down to the Payment Terms 
  3. From the Generate due date dropdown list select one of: 
    • Number of days before service date
    • Number of days after service date
    • On day of month of service
    • On day of month following service
    • When booking set to payable booking status 
  4. Select the Days – only positive numbers between 0 and 99  
  5. Select payment details enter the details

Note: It is recommended you select When booking set to payable booking status as your default Payment term if the alternative terms are not suitable for a supplier.

Adding Prices to a Product

After setting up the conditions of your contract with the Supplier in the Set margins section, add prices to each Supplier Product.

  1. Switch to the Products tab within the Supplier.
  2. Select the Product you would like to set up rates for.
  3. Switch to the Options tab.

A list of options are displayed:

Rate Periods

To set the rate periods:

  1. Click the $ symbol alongside an option to access the Rate periods section as shown in the screenshot below.
  2. Select Create rate period to name the Rate period and enter applicable rates for the period.

  1. After you name the Rate period and enter the Start date and the End date, choose when the Rate period remains active based on:
    • Entire Period: A rate applicable for the specified date range
    • Weekdays & Weekend: An option that lets you separate Weekday rates from Weekend rates
    • Individual Days: Lets you define different rates for each day of the week.

Important points to consider while configuring your Rate periods:
  • The Rates Period section displays the active rate period. To access an expired rate period, click the drop-down at the bottom of the section.

  • A Rate period can be edited, duplicated and deleted once it has been set.
  • Tourwriter only allows you to add a new time period after duplicating an existing Rate period.

Blackout Periods

Blackout periods are designed to indicate the period the Product Option is unavailable. To add a blackout period:

  1. Switch to the Create blackout period tab after clicking the $ symbol.
  2. Enter the Name, the Start date and the End date.
  3. Select whether the Blackout period applies on account of a close-down or unavailability of check-ins.

Important points to consider while configuring your Blackout periods:
  • Blackout periods can overlap Rates Period but not vice versa. You cannot set any Rate periods over a Blackout period.
  • To set a Rate period when a Blackout period is already in place, you’d have to delete the Blackout period.
  • You cannot schedule check-ins or start an itinerary on a date that spans the Blackout period.