Customise: How to customise your display themes

All Tourwriter users have the option of customsing there display settings to best suits their brand. The settings you select will appear in your Itinerary Proposal and Final both digitally and in Print.

Customise your display settings

To access the display settings in Tourwriter, follow the steps below:

  1. On the Home page, navigate to the Organisation tab > Customise subtab.
  2. Select your favourite Font and Colour from a range of options.
    • Colour
    • Font
    • Heading colour
    • Map display
    • Icons display
    • Default visibility settings
    • Default pricing display options
  3. Your selection will auto save when navigating away from the page.
  4. Next, when you navigate to either the Proposal or the Final section, the display settings are added to the itinerary preview.
  5. The theme will also be applied to the exported preview of the itinerary. Click Export to see the itinerary preview with your new theme. For further help, contact us at

Definition of fields

  • Colour – This is the primary colour theme for the Icons and Footer. Use a known Hex code or select via the colour picker.
  • Font – Select your preferred font to display in all copy via the dropdown
  • Heading colour – Select a unique colour to appear in all Item headings
  • Map display – Enable or disable maps in new itineraries when they are created. This can be overridden at the Itinerary.
  • Icons display – Hide or show Icons in Itinerary display. This can be overridden at the Itinerary.
  • Default visibility settings. – This can be overridden at the Itinerary.
  • Default pricing display options – This can be overridden at the Itinerary.