Exporting Itineraries to PDF output

Tourwriter allows you to export your itinerary to a customizable PDF file that features a cover page and your organization logo. The PDF also includes the pricing details, terms & conditions, and the itinerary outline that provides an overview of the services included. PDFs can be configured to hide description, images and details as required.

Export Settings

PDFs can be exported through the Proposal or the Final tab. PDFs through both tabs generate the same PDF output.

  1. Open an itinerary and navigate to either the Proposal or the Final tab.
  2. Make sure you add a Hero cover image and the organisation logo if you want them displayed in the PDF. For steps to add a Hero image and a logo to your itinerary, refer to Preview your itinerary (Proposal).
  3. Click Export to navigate to the Export settings page.

  1. Choose to exclude itinerary Images, Descriptions and Final itinerary details. Final itinerary details include times, locations, supplier details, booking reference and other product details. Note that you can only exclude Booking images. The Hero cover image and the organisation logo can’t be excluded if you have added them to the itinerary.

Note: The default behaviour of the Export functionality is to include all export options. You have to manually disable each option to exclude from PDF.

  1. Select the Export as dropdown and choose PDF, as shown above.

Tip: Exclude Images and Descriptions, but include Final itinerary details in the PDF export to have a travel voucher view of the itinerary.

PDF Itinerary Chapters

A PDF itinerary comprises the following seven sections which are also termed as chapters.

Cover page

The cover page displays the hero image added to the itinerary. It also includes a compact view of images of the first two suppliers in the itinerary. Additionally, you’ll see the itinerary name, itinerary start and end dates and the organisation logo. To exclude the Hero cover image and the organisation logo from appearing in the PDF, remove them from the the Itinerary Proposal or Final.

Inner cover

The inner cover starts with the travel designer details. This area is an iteration of the itinerary footer and is fully adjustable at the itinerary level. Anything included in the left-hand section of the itinerary footer shows up on the inner cover.


The map reiterates the itinerary outline as seen on the Final itinerary.

Itinerary outline

Itinerary outline is a sneak peek of the itinerary and lists a compact view of bookings in a single line.

Day-to-day itinerary

This chapter displays the detailed itinerary, outlining different days and services listed. Depending on the export setting, it can be the most comprehensive part of the itineraries. It can include images, descriptions and final itinerary details. You may choose one or more of the following export settings to display in the day-to-day itinerary chapter:

Hide descriptions:

You can hide descriptions if you wish to share the itinerary as a brief outline.

Hide images:

You can hide images to keep the itinerary compact. You may also want to hide images if you plan to share the itinerary with a travel agent partner who prefers to use their image.

Hide Final itinerary details:

You can hide details linked to a booking, usually seen on the final itinerary. A fine example would be to hide this option when sharing an itinerary proposal.


The Pricing chapter displays pricing as configured on the pricing display settings. For instance, it displays a summary of the itemised price if you have picked Itemised pricing on the Manage tab > Pricing subtab. If you have chosen to hide the price then this chapter will be skipped. To learn more go to the Pricing Display Options section in the Itinerary Pricing article.

Terms and Conditions

The Terms and conditions chapter exhibits as added to the footer or as fed through the organisation default settings.

Note: Even though Tourwriter allows you to export itineraries as PDFs, you can easily edit the itinerary by accessing it in a Microsoft Word file. Read Editing Tourwriter itineraries in Microsoft Word to learn more.