Editing Tourwriter Itineraries in Microsoft Word

Tourwriter allows exporting your itineraries to a PDF. You can, however, easily open the itinerary in Microsoft Word with just a few clicks and edit your PDF in a .doc or .docx format of Word.

To get started with accessing your itineraries in Word, follow the steps below:

  1. Export the itinerary to PDF as shown in Exporting Itineraries to PDF output | Tourwriter.
  2. Open the folder where the PDF has downloaded and right-click the PDF.
  3. Hover over Open with to see a list of dropdown options.

Note: You may not see Word as a dropdown option initially as PDF software and browser apps are the default options.

  1. Select Choose another app from the dropdown list.
  2. Search Word in the list of apps and select the option.

Note: If Word does not appear in the list, ensure you have installed Microsoft Office.

  1. You may edit the text, icons and images in the itinerary by clicking on it.

Note: All text will already be in text fields, which will make it easier for you to re-arrange the document as you edit things.

  1. Select Save as and choose to save the file in either.docx or .doc format. This creates a new Word file.

Key Points:

  • If you wish to always open PDFs in Word, you can select the Always use this app to open .pdf files checkbox, as highlighted in the image above.
  • To revert to opening PDFs in a relevant PDF application, change the file type in file properties, as shown in this article.
  • You can edit PDFs in Word only if you have a paid Office 365 account.

Make sure to use Microsoft Office Word 2010 or later to save your itinerary in the .docx format. This way you can open the file in other file viewer apps.