Tourwriter Plus Integrated Plan

The Tourwriter Plus Integrated plan lets you push your Tourwriter .Net itineraries to Tourwriter Online. Furthermore, you can create new itineraries in Tourwriter Online using your Tourwriter Online suppliers, .Net suppliers or both.

Setting up Tourwriter .Net to push an itinerary to Tourwriter Online

To get started, set up Tourwriter .Net to push itineraries to Tourwriter Online. Additionally, your Tourwriter Plus Integrated plan lets you:

  • Add Tourwriter .Net suppliers to Tourwriter Online itineraries.
  • Push Tourwriter .Net itinerary pricing and currencies to Tourwriter Online.
  • Include publishing content and images from Tourwriter .Net.
  • Import resource library items.
  • Setup suppliers directly in Tourwriter Online.
  • Setup resource content directly in Tourwriter Online.
  • Build itineraries using Tourwriter .Net as well as Tourwriter Online suppliers.

Once you have readied Tourwriter .Net to push itineraries to Tourwriter Online, you can start pushing itineraries to Tourwriter Online.

Building an itinerary in Tourwriter Online using Tourwriter .Net suppliers

Before you start to build an itinerary in Tourwriter Online with Tourwriter .Net suppliers, you’ll need to make a few adjustments in Tourwriter .Net. Firstly, refer to the Push to Tourwriter Settings section to map Tourwriter .Net service types to Tourwriter Online service types, select the correct publishing types and set up content rules. Once done, ensure your Tourwriter .Net supplier is set up with the following attributes:

  1. Service: Ensure the Tourwriter .Net suppliers have relevant services. A supplier with no services does not show up in an itinerary pushed to Tourwriter Online.
  2. Rate: The Tourwriter .Net suppliers should also include valid rates for a rate period falling within the travel dates set in the itinerary. A service without valid rates displays a warning message in the Manage > Pricing tab of the itinerary pushed to Tourwriter Online.
  3. Option: Add a pricing option to the service in Tourwriter .Net. A service without a pricing option does not appear in Tourwriter .Net.
  4. Currency: Enable Currencies in the Services tab of a supplier in Tourwriter .Net and assign a currency to the service. Not including currencies for services added to the itinerary in Tourwriter .Net results in the default Tourwriter currency being applied.
  5. Publishing content: Set up publishing content for descriptions to feed through to Tourwriter Online. For Accommodation suppliers Tourwriter Online accepts supplier-level and service-level publishing content. For Activity and transport types, Tourwriter Online considers service-level descriptions only.

Itinerary pricing and currencies

Prices added to a service period are fetched from the Tourwriter .Net itinerary pushed to Tourwriter Online. To change the prices appearing in Tourwriter Online, go back to Tourwriter .Net and make the price changes in the Tourwriter .Net itinerary. Once changed in Tourwriter .Net, refresh the pricing page in Tourwriter Online. You could also override pricing within the itinerary in Tourwriter Online by heading to the Manage > Pricing page. To learn more about pricing in Tourwriter Online, refer to Itinerary Pricing on Tourwriter Plus.

Publishing Content and Images (when pushing itineraries)

Pushing the itinerary to Tourwriter Online brings across the publishing content either through The Edit Publishing Content subtab of the supplier or the new Edit Publishing Content window in the itinerary Bookings tab. Tourwriter .Net pushes only 1 image from the Online image field. You can add an additional image to the itinerary in Tourwriter Online to display images as a slide presentation view.

Importing Resource library items

The resource library in Tourwriter Online lets you save item descriptions not associated with a specific supplier, such as descriptions, destinations, directions and so on. You can add a resource library item to your itineraries. You can import resource library items from Tourwriter .Net or any other means by adding them to a CSV template. Read Upload multiple resources at a time to learn how to import resource library items in Tourwriter Online.