Resource Library

With the resource library feature, save item descriptions to your library to reuse in your itineraries later. You can edit the items saved to the resource library and thus keep it up-to-date.

Accessing the Resource Library

The Navigation bar now displays the Resources tab in place of the Media tab. Media and Library are two subtabs under Resources. To add items to the Resource Library: 

  1. Head to Resources in the navigation bar and select the Library subtab.
  2. Select Create resource to add a new resource item in the Create resource page.
  3. Enter the resource name under Title. Later, when adding a  resource to your itinerary, you can search by the resource title.
  4. Select one of the five resource items from the Type drop-down.

  1. Add a Description to the resource item. The information added here displays as the description on the Itinerary Proposal. You can carry it through to the Itinerary Final.  
  2. Enter the location. The location is linked to Google Places and thus initiating a location entry autocompletes the result.

The Resource Library features

The resource library comes with several interesting features:

  • Add a resource content for one of the five resource items: 
    • Overview
    • Directions
    • Freetime
    • Explore 
    • Information. 
  • Filter your library search by any of the five resource types. Click the content name to do that.
  • Sort the library results by content name, type or date created.  
  • Search the library for resource items by entering the name.
  • Edit the item information in the library without affecting the content in any of the existing itineraries. 

Adding library items to an itinerary 

The resource library facilitates reuse of resource items in itineraries. When adding resource content while building an itinerary, you can choose to include items from the resource library or add a non-bookable item afresh. To add a resource content to an itinerary:

  1. Open an itinerary and head to the Build tab.
  2. Access a date on the itinerary, and click the + sign 
  3. Choose Other, the last option, to add a resource item to the itinerary. You are directed to the page to add a non-bookable item. 

  1. You may choose to add a non-bookable item from the library by searching the resource name. Start typing the resource name in the Add resource from library field to view an autocomplete result. 

Note: You can still edit the resource content added from the library. You can edit the item title, description and the location without affecting the information stored in the library.  

  1. Or you may create a new resource item by selecting one of the resource items.
  2. On choosing to create a new resource item, you can save the item to the resource library for future use. Enable the Save to resource library toggle button to do that.

Note: When you choose to save a resource item to the library, the details included are saved to the library as-is. When adding it to an itinerary the next time, you can edit the information.

Upload multiple resources at a time

Those on the Minim Plus and Minim Plus Integrated plans have the ability to upload up to 100 resources at a time via CSV spreadsheet upload. 

  1. Select the ‘Upload resources’ button from within the resource library in Minim
  2. Once selected a window will open up, allowing you to select your desired file from your computer
  3. Select the CSV file
  4. Wait for the upload to finish; the upload progress will display on your screen

Upload resources

The CSV file you upload must only contain the following 3 columns, in the following order: 




Download a CSV template

There are five possible resource types that you can upload via your CSV file: