Tourwriter feature request hub

Tourwriter has partnered with Canny to create a Feature Request Hub so you can submit feedback and suggestions for changes to Tourwriter, and contribute to existing suggestions from the wider Tourwriter community. You can share your ideas on changes you’d like to see in the Tourwriter platform, comment on other thoughts and ideas, and vote for the ideas you’d most like to see delivered.

Voting guidelines

  • Voting helps indicate interest from the community in an idea
  • No set number of votes ensures the development of an idea
  • You have unlimited votes however you can only vote once per idea. You need to be logged in using an account to vote for ideas you endorse

How we review your feedback

Your feedback is considered at all levels at Tourwirter, our product teams include your feedback to shape our product roadmap, and it can help inform our strategic planning.
To maintain a usable, easily searchable, and relevant environment for our community, we will conduct regular reviews and cleanse the ideas shared with Tourwriter Product Ideas. We’ll merge duplicates, apply the most appropriate topic, archive older posts, regularly review, and keep you updated on the status of ideas as they progress. Ideas that have received less than two votes may be removed during this review.

Statuses you may see on your post include:

  • Open: your feedback has been received and is available for other Tourwriter customers to review and vote on. At this stage, Tourwriter is not actively working on this idea.
  • Under Review: The Tourwriter is actively looking into this, undergoing a process of discovery where we will collect more data and have follow-up conversations with customers about this idea. This is not a guarantee that we will ever build something but it’s a good starting point.
  • Planned: We have completed discovery and decided it is worth building something for, this currently sits in our backlog.
  • In Progress: This is actively being worked on by our developers and the product team, we will have an indicative live date of the first version available.
  • Completed: This has been included in one of our previous Product launches in the app. (This might only be available for certain Plans)
  • Closed: This has been reviewed and deemed not a good fit for our customers or it’s not in line with Tourwriter’s strategic direction.

Playing nice

You can log in and contribute to the discussion and ideas at any time, your name will be anonymized for other users and only visible to the Tourwriter team. Our product team will monitor the forums, but may not actively address some feedback.

To make it an enjoyable experience for everyone please:

  • be mindful of sharing personal information in comments – your own or other people’s without their consent
  • only use images that you have ownership of or permission to use
  • don’t post illegal or naughty stuff
  • don’t spam us with advertisements and posts of a commercial nature
  • don’t SHOUT using all caps – words and links to screenshots are just as effective
  • use language that’s positive, and constructive and shows that you’re open to feedback and advice
  • show respect to each other and our differences – we’re all in this together
  • consider your content to make sure your ideas have a clear purpose, and explain your point of view well so that we can understand how this will impact your business

We reserve the right to remove posts that aren’t in the spirit of the community, breach these rules or have been on the board for a long time without any engagement.

How to log in

  1. Go to
  2. Click on LOG IN/ SIGN UP in the top right corner.
  3. Click on ‘Already have an account? Log in’
  4. Click on the mail symbol.
  5. Enter your email and password, as shared with you by Tourwriter.
    Click Log in. Can’t find your log in details? Contact us at

How to create a new feature post

  1. Select a ‘Category’ if applicable (optional).
  2. Enter a short tile in ‘Title’ – this should be brief sentence describing the feature you would like to see and how it would help your business.
  3. Enter a more detailed description of your feature request in ‘Details’
  4. Add a Supporting image (optional)
  5. Click Create Post

How to vote on an existing feature post

  1. Find your feature by searching for key works in the search field or browsing through the list.
  2. Click on the little arrow that is next to the feature
  3. When you see the colour change, you have voted for this feature.
  4. To undo your vote, click on the arrow again.