How to Confirm or Decline a Booking email sent from Tourwriter

Tourwriter customers can send booking requests via email direct to Suppliers. The Supplier can action these booking requests either by replying to the email or clicking the Respond to this request button if the Supplier Auto Confirmation function is enabled. To ensure email deliverability your Suppliers should add to there safe senders list.

Organisation default

Setup your supplier booking emails by going into the Organisation>Defaults>Supplier booking emails to edit your Booking email settings

  • Override the default Send supplier replies to something else
  • Add a CC booking emails and supplier confirmation responses to

From and Reply-to email address explained

Once the Booking email is sent, the Supplier will receive the Booking email

  • from: and
  • reply-to: either the Default User email or the email defined in setup above

When replying to a Booking email, Supplier should not change or delete the reply-to email.

Supplier Auto Confirmation

If the Enable Supplier confirmation field was ticked when sending the Booking request, the booking email will have a Respond to this request button at the bottom of the email. Your supplier can click this button to action their response directly in to the Tourwriter App rather than sending you an email response.

  1. Clicking the Respond to this request button will take them to a new web page.
  2. Supplier selects the appropriate:
    • Status (Confirm, Decline or Waitlist etc)
    • Enters their name
    • Booking reference
    • Additional note if any
  3. Clicks Send

Note: The link/page becomes inactive once the Supplier hits the Send button or after 7 days of receiving the Booking email (whichever is earlier). The Booking reference and the Additional note from the Booking web page will be updated in Tourwriter against the Booking as the Booking reference and Note from Supplier respectively.

Suppliers not receiving Booking emails from Tourwriter

Spam filters may at times hide booking emails from the recipients Inbox and instead send them to the Spam folder. Customers can improve send rates by:

  1. Kindly ask the Suppliers to check their SPAM folder.
  2. Add recipients of my email messages to the Safe Senders List.

Note: The Booking emails from Tourwriter are sent from therefore Suppliers should not delete or mark emails from as SPAM.