Agency management in Minim lets you keep track of unique agency business relationships. Agencies may refer to an overseas travel agent, a retail or home-based travel agency, or any other business partner that you may sell to. 

The  Agency management functionality allows you to set up a B2B functionality, create detailed agency records, agent records, link agents to agencies and more.

Enabling Agency management

Agency management is disabled by default. Doing so limits the use of the agency management functionality to only organisations that work with agencies and perform business to business sales. To enable agency management for your organisation:

  1. Select the settings cog in the navigation bar. 
  2. Switch to the Settings subtab.

  1. In the Organisation settings section, enable Agency management, as shown. This enables the Agencies tab in the navigation bar.

Note: Once you enable agency management in Minim, it cannot be undone. If you are unsure if this feature is for you and wish to try it out, we recommend enabling it in your studio organisation

Creating an agency

The Agencies section is where you create a new agency. Here, you record the agency’s details and associate relevant agent contacts. To create a new agency:

  1. Navigate to the Agencies tab on the navigation bar.
  2. Select Create agency from the top-right corner.
  3. Enter the agency details in the general info section. The fields are Business name, primary email, website, mobile, phone, and address.
  4. Select one of four commission setup options in the Default commission setup dropdown.

  1. Add a generic tag to the agency record to associate it with terms that you repeatedly use. You can associate an unlimited number of “tags” with a contact record in the Tags section. 
  2. Include any relevant notes about the agency in the Notes section. 

Note: All the fields in the general info section restrict entry to 255 characters.

Adding an agent to an agency

By adding an agent contact to an agency, you can list them as the agency’s primary contact. To add an agent to an agency:

  1. After entering the agency information, switch to the Connections subtab.
  2. Click the Add agent dropdown button and choose one of the two options; Add existing contact, Create new

Add an existing contact

The Add existing contact option lets you add an agent contact from the contacts library to the agency. 

  1. Search an existing library contact by entering the first name or last name. 
  2. Begin typing the name of your contact and select the desired record when it appears.

Note:  If the search generates no results, either the name you have searched does not currently exist in your contact library, or the agent contact is added to another agency. 

  1. Select Add agent to add them to the agency.

Create a new agent contact

In addition to creating an agent contact through the contacts library, you can also create a new agent contact from within the agency.

  1. Click the Add agent dropdown and select Create new.
  2. Enter the First name, Last name and Email of the agent contact record you wish to create.  
  3. Select Add agent to add them to the agency. The contact is auto-saved to the contacts library during this process.

Note: An agent contact can only be associated with one agency. This is based on the assumption that an agent associated with two agencies would have separate emails for each company. You would then need to add them as two contacts to each agency.

Viewing agency profile

You may view or edit an agency profile at any time. To edit the Agency details:

  1. Navigate to the Agencies tab in the navigation bar
  2. Select the agency you wish to edit. Doing so opens the Edit agency page. 
  3. Make the required changes and select Save.

Archiving and restoring an agency

The archive and restore function lets you archive an agency to move it out of the agencies library and restore the archived agency at any point in time. 

Archiving an agency

To archive an agency:

  1. Select the options menu (three dots) at the end of an agency row in the agencies library. 
  2. Choose Archive from the dropdown list.

Note: Archiving an agency removes it from the library. Restoring it will reinstate them in the agencies library.

  1. Enable the Show archived toggle to access the archived agencies view.

Restoring an agency 

Restore archived agencies in the archived agencies view. To restore an archived agency:

  1. Toggle Show archived in the agencies library to access the archived agencies.
  2. Click the options menu (three dots) at the end of the agency row and choose Restore from the dropdown list. The agency will be available in the agency library again.