Agency adds markup themselves

This setting is perfect for those agencies that prefer to add their own markup before onselling to the traveller.

Itineraries with an agency on this commission setting will display a default agent markup of 0% for each line item while still applying your usual markups as per your supplier setup. The Agent price will be the same as the gross price.

Let’s look at the itemised pricing table for an itinerary with agency commission type set as Agency adds markup themselves:

The following factors typically apply to the agent price calculation for the supplier adds markup themselves commission setting:

  • Net: The net price indicates the price payable to the supplier. The price is fetched from the supplier setup. The net price does not automatically adjust when other prices are changed. It can only be changed by being edited directly.
  • Markup: The default markup listed is as per the supplier set up. You can also edit the markup for each line item if you wish.
  • Gross: The gross amount is the price payable to you and also the price that the line item would retail at. The gross price is fetched from the supplier records in your Tourwriter supplier database. The gross price is calculated as net + markup.
  • Agent Markup: By default, Agent markup is set at 0% for any itineraries where the supplier adds markup themselves commission setting is applied. The agent price, therefore, defaults to the gross price. You can also edit each line item to add a markup % if you wish.
  • Agent Price: As the agent markup is 0%, the agent price will be the same as the gross price.. Agent price is calculated as: Net + Markup + Agent Markup.
    • Example: In the example shown in the screenshot above, the agent price defaults to the gross price, as an initial markup of 0.00% is brought across in the first row. However, in the third row, the user has manually applied an agent markup of 11%, the agent price calculates as:
      • $75 (net) + $15 (20% of $75) + $9.9 (11% of $90 (agent markup)) = $99.90.