Understanding your demo company

The demo company is your very own place to explore, learn, and practice using everything that Tourwriter has to offer. The demo company lets you test-drive everything that’s available in our most comprehensive plan.

The Demo Company is fenced off from your primary Tourwriter organisation. Thus, you can explore and practice workflows without worrying about impacting itineraries, suppliers and contacts in your primary Tourwriter account. It is the perfect place to practice using Tourwriter or training new staff to use Tourwriter.

Switching to your Demo Company

When logging in you will be given the option to choose between accessing your demo company or your main organisation organisation. If you cannot see the demo company as an option ask your system administrator to invite you.

Demo company Tourwriter

When you are in your organisation, you could still switch to the demo company without logging off. Just head to your Profile and select Demo company.

Inviting your colleagues to the demo company

The demo company is automatically available when you start a free trial. In order to share access to it with your team, you need to invite them, just like adding them to your organisation account. If you cannot see the demo company as an option when logging in, ask your system administrator to invite you. The demo company is a great area to add new staff members and let them self-train and familiarise with Tourwriter before you start their work with real clients and services.

Key Points

  • There is a warning message when creating suppliers or itineraries.

This warning message reminds you that changes made and data added to the demo company will not be available in your primary organisation. This is crucial particularly when you have been practicing or pre-loading services in the demo company during your free trial.

  • The demo company comes with pre-existing suppliers and itineraries for you to explore and practice with
  • PDFs exported from the demo company are watermarked
  • Training tours launcher: There are a bunch of guided tours available in your demo company that show you around the different areas of Tourwriter. You can launch any of the guided tours from the green checklist in the left hand corner of the screen.