Minim Studio

Minim Studio is your very own place to explore, learn, and practice using everything that Minim has to offer. Even if you are signed up with the Minim One plan, Studio lets you test-drive the Minim Plus functionality.

Minim Studio is created on signing up for a Minim free trial. If you choose to upgrade to either One or Plus, Minim Studio stays with you. 

Minim Studio is fenced off from your primary Minim organisation. Thus, you can explore Minim and practice workflows without worrying about impacting itineraries, suppliers and contacts in your primary Minim account. It is the perfect place to practice using Minim or training new staff to use Minim.

Switching to Minim Studio

When logging in to your Minim One or Minim Plus plan, a context switcher on your screen lets you choose between accessing Minim Studio or your organisation.

When you are in your organisation, you could still switch to Minim Studio without logging off. Just head to your Profile to select Studio (Admin), as shown in the screenshot below.

Inviting your colleagues to Minim Studio

Minim Studio is automatically available when you sign up to Minim Free trial. You need to add other users to Minim Studio, just like adding them to your organisation account. As a Minim Plus user, if you can’t see Minim Studio, we suggest you reach out to your organisation admin, so they can invite you to join Minim Studio. Minim Studio is a great area to add new staff members and let them self-train before you let them work on real cases. 

Key Points

  • There is a warning message when creating suppliers or itineraries. 

This warning message reminds you that changes made in Minim Studio will not be available in your organisation. This is crucial particularly when you have been practicing in Minim Studio during your Minim Free Trial. 

  • The studio comes with pre-existing suppliers and itineraries.
  • PDFs exported from Minim Studio are watermarked as below:

Watermarked PDF

Training Tours launcher:  There are a bunch of guided tours available in Minim Studio. You can launch any of the guided tours from the green checklist in the left hand corner of the screen.