Creating Supplier Services on the Itinerary Builder

When you build an itinerary in Tourwriter, creating a supplier and adding multiple products to the supplier can slow down your itinerary building process. Especially when you are working with one-off suppliers that you are using for the first time and are unsure if you will ever use them again. We have now introduced a feature to create a service within the Build tab of your itinerary. The Build tab now comes with an option to create a quick service without having to first create a supplier and product. Let’s take a look at the feature:

Creating a new service on the Build tab

When you initially create an itinerary and finish adding information to the Setup tab, you move on to building an itinerary. To add a new service to your itinerary without creating a supplier and product, follow the steps below:

  1. Head to a day row on the itinerary and click the + sign to see a dropdown list.
  2. To choose a service from a preloaded supplier list, select one of the supplier types, i.e. Accommodation, Activity, Transportation, Fees $ Insurance. Choose Other to add a service from the Resource Library.
  3. Select Create service to create supplier service on the itinerary builder.

The Create service page

The Create new service page lets you create a supplier entry and add a product to the supplier as you build the itinerary. To build your itinerary quickly, this page only allows you to enter the necessary information to create a new itinerary service. Let’s see how to add a service on the go:

  1. After accessing the Create service section, start entering the supplier information, such as Supplier name, Supplier type, Booking email and Website.
  2. Select Add media to include an optional supplier image.
  3. Enter the product information such as Product name, type, description and location in the Product setup.
  4. Add an optional Product media by selecting Add media.

Note: Product name and type are the only mandatory fields.

  1. Enter an Option name to define how the product will be sold.
  2. Add information to the Rate period setup by following the below instructions:
    • Select a Currency that you will use to deal with this supplier. This field will already show your organisation’s default currency, but you can change it to any currency that you have set up.
    • Add the rate start and end dates.
    • Note: The rate period available in the Create new service page can only be set for the Entire Period. To set up Weekdays & Weekend or Individual Days go to the supplier section. See Rate periods to learn more.
    • Set the supplier’s rate (Net or Gross) based on whether they provide a net rate or a commission structure:
    • If the supplier provides a net rate:
      • Choose Net as the option.
      • Enter a Net amount.
      • Add a Markup percentage.
    • If the supplier provides a gross rate:
      • Choose Gross as the option.
      • Enter a Gross amount.
      • Add a Commission percentage.
  3. Select Save to finalise your service.

Note: To save time creating itineraries, you only see an option to create one product, one option and one rate period for the supplier. The supplier will automatically be added to your Suppliers area, where you might choose to enhance it further for future use by adding additional product, options or rate periods.