Calculate commission on top of gross

Similar to the calculate commission from gross commission type, the calculate commission on top of gross option fetches the agent commission percentage from the agency commission type setup.

With this scenario you will still take home your usual markups but adding the commission share that you will have to pay to an agent on top of your gross price.

Let’s look at the itemised pricing table for an itinerary with agency commission type set as Calculate commission on top of gross:

The following factors apply to the calculate commission on top of gross commission calculation:

  • Agent commission: The percentage added in the default commission setup carries across to the itemised pricing table and is displayed in the agent commission column. You can edit each line item to override the default agent commission if you wish.
  • Agent price: The agent price is calculated from the gross value. The agent price is the quotient of the gross price and the subtraction of the gross commission percent and 1.
    • The agent price calculation for this setting is: Gross ÷ (1 – Agent Commission %).
    • Example: In the example above, the agent commission of 9% is set in the Agent commission column. For the first pricing row, the agent price calculates as:
      • $180 (gross) ÷ 0.91 (1 – (9% (agent commission) ) ) = $197.80.
      • You have recalculated the agent price so that you can pay your agency a 9% commission and still earn your usual gross price.