Calculate commission from gross

This commission type lets you calculate the agent price based on an agent commission which will be subtracted from your gross price. Your gross price will be calculated as per the usual setup of net + markup = gross. Then the agent commission percentage will be subtracted, leaving you with the price that is payable by your agent.

With this setting you are sharing your earnings with your agent.

Please note that in this scenario the markup field will not show your take home earnings. As your take home earnings will be difference between the added markup and the subtracted agent commission.

The following factors apply to the calculate commission from gross commission calculation:

  • Agent commission: The percentage added in the default commission setup carries across to the itemised pricing table and is displayed in the agent commission column. You can edit each row to override the default agent commission percentage.
  • Agent price: The agent price is calculated from to the gross value. The agent price is the gross price, less the agent commission. Agent price is calculated as: Gross – Agent Commission.
    • Example: In the example above, the agent commission of 10% is applied in the Agent commission column. For the first pricing row, the agent price calculates as:
      • $180 (gross) – $18 (10% (agent commission) of $180) = $162.00

Note: To enable your Remaining balance to exclude any Agent commission and therefore display a zero balance after all Incoming payments are received you will need to select Use itinerary agent price from the Agent gross override. The dropdown selector is located on the Incoming payment subtab.