When is a Product Considered an Add-on?

In minim we consider a product an add on when the products type differs from the supplier type. Its purpose is to show secondary products that are sold in addition to the main product. 

For an accommodation supplier that predominantly sells accommodation type products (i.e. rooms), a transfer product will be considered an ‘ add on’ product. For instance if the hotel offers a shuttle service. 

The table below outlines the Primary Product Types, and their Add-ons.

PRODUCT TYPE AccommodationActivityFees & InsuranceTransportation
AccommodationPrimary ProductN/AN/AN/A
ActivityAdd-onPrimary ProductN/AAdd-on
TourAdd-onPrimary ProductN/AAdd-on
ExtraAdd-onAdd-onPrimary ProductAdd-on
FeeAdd-onAdd-onPrimary ProductAdd-on
FerryAdd-onAdd-onN/APrimary Product
FlightAdd-onAdd-onN/APrimary Product
GolfAdd-onPrimary ProductN/AAdd-on
GuideAdd-onPrimary ProductN/AAdd-on
InsuranceAdd-onAdd-onPrimary ProductAdd-on
MealAdd-onPrimary ProductN/AAdd-on
MotorhomeAdd-onAdd-onN/APrimary Product
Rental CarAdd-onAdd-onN/APrimary Product
CoachAdd-onAdd-onN/APrimary Product
BicycleAdd-onPrimary ProductN/APrimary Product
TrainAdd-onAdd-onN/APrimary Product
TransferAdd-onAdd-onN/APrimary Product