Introducing Minim Studio and our digital assistant, Flo

Meet Minim Studio

Minim Studio

We are thrilled to introduce the newest feature to join the Minim platform; meet Minim Studio. Minim Studio is your very own place to explore, learn and practice using everything that our itinerary builder has to offer. It comes filled with a bunch of pre-made gorgeous example itineraries, suppliers and products, so you can dive right in today and start seeing all that Minim has to offer within your own Minim account.

Minim Studio stays with you; it’s always available for you to access and even better it is fenced off from your primary Minim organisation so you can explore and practice without having to worry about impacting your real suppliers and customer itineraries.

If you are an existing Minim Plus user and can’t see your Minim Studio yet, we suggest you tap the Admin of your account on the shoulder so they can invite you to join Minim Studio.
Here’s a how-to video on how to invite a team member


Meet Flo – your virtual Minim assistant

Minim product tours

The introduction of Minim Studio also means it’s time to meet someone very special; Flo. Flo is the epitome of what it means to be an expert Minim user – she is cool, calm, collected and knows everything you need to get the absolute most out of your own Minim experience.

When you first enter your Minim Studio, Flo will be there to greet you and show you through the basics. When you’re ready, there’s also a collection of ready-made tours designed to guide you through Minim in depth.




Other enhancements

This Minim update also includes a number of smaller but oh-so-helpful enhancements. From a new 21 day free trial, easy to access help articles available via the Minim navigation bar, and a refresh to the way you add images and logos to your itineraries. Also we have improved the way that Minim works on a slow internet connection.