Sharing an Itinerary

To share an itinerary navigate to the itinerary you wish to share and click the Preview tab.

The itinerary will display as Proposal itinerary template by default. To change the itinerary template to Final navigate to the Itinerary>Setup tab and select Final from the Itinerary template drop down. Navigate back to the Preview tab and the itinerary will now display using Final display settings.

Before you send an itinerary to your traveller, make sure you have:

  1. Added a hero image
  2. Applied your organisation’s logo
  3. Updated your Footer information along with the terms & conditions
  4. Added at least one traveller to the Create tab, in case you are sharing the itinerary

When you’re ready to share your itinerary with your traveller/s, click Share in the top-right corner of the Proposal tab. This opens a new page with the following options.

  • Share Privately
  • Share Publicly

Sharing the Itinerary Privately

When you choose to share the itinerary privately, you can include a personalised message to send to the traveller/s. The Share Privately option lets you share the itinerary only when a traveller has been added.

  1. Head to the Create tab to add one or more travellers.
  2. When done, click Share to send the itinerary privately. The following message appears in the Share Privately subtab when there are no traveller/s added to the itinerary:

  1. Select the travellers you want to share the itinerary with.

Note: The traveller/s receiving the itinerary via private sharing are asked to create a traveller login and password. They can leave comments on the itinerary.

  1. Enter an optional message for the traveller in the Add a message field.
  2. Click Send when ready.

After successful submission, the following confirmation message appears on your screen.

The traveller/s will receive an automated email from that includes your message. Additionally, they receive the itinerary link along with the instructions to set up a traveller account.

Note: If the traveller is unable to view the itinerary after logging in, request them to switch to one of the following web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

Sharing the Itinerary Publicly

Sharing the itinerary publicly generates a hyperlink that can be passed on to traveller/s or anyone wanting to access the itinerary.

To activate a shareable link, follow the steps below:

  1. Switch to the Share Publicly tab and enable the Turn on link sharing toggle button as shown below. Enabling the toggle button generates a sharable link.

  1. Click COPY LINK to copy the hyperlink to clipboard. The hyperlink is now ready to be pasted.
  2. Expand the Manage visibility settings dropdown to choose options to display. The image below lists the options under the setting.

Note: To avoid breaches in traveller privacy regulations, we recommend leaving all visibility settings hidden. This also holds true when you are not sure who may end up accessing the itinerary link after subsequent shares.

  1. Reload the itinerary URL to refresh the visibility settings. Changes to the visibility settings are applied in real-time. Therefore, if you modify the visibility settings after sharing the link, the recipient will see the recently updated visibility settings.
  2. Deactivate link sharing by disabling the Turn off link sharing toggle button. Accessing a deactivated itinerary link displays the following message:

You can reactivate or deactivate link sharing any time.