Create a task

There are a number of fields available to help you ensure your task is as detailed as you need it

to be. They are detailed below:

Field Explanation
Task name A short headline of your task goes here, this shouldn’t be longer than a sentence
Task type The type drop down includes a list of the most common types of tasks tour operators typically create during the itinerary lifecycle. Those using the Zoho Analytics integration will be able to use information populated here for easier sorting.
Priority Categorise as low, medium or high priority. Priority levels will be annotated by coloured arrows and can be sorted. By default tasks will be set to medium priority unless updated.
Status Set a task as to do, in progress or done. By default all new tasks created will have the to do status unless updated. Once a task is checked off it will automatically be marked as done.
Due date Set a target due date for your task. The date set here will also determine when the task appears in a number of filters such as ‘to do today’ and ‘coming up.
Description A free text field where you can add any additional information about the task.
Search itineraries If the task pertains to a specific itinerary, you can choose to link them by searching for the itinerary in this field. If you create the task from within the itinerary builder view, the itinerary connection will be populated automatically.
Search team members You can assign a task to as many team members as you wish. You may also assign it to nobody. Only those with a log in to your Tourwriter organisation can be set as an assignee.