Voucher export

A user can export vouchers ready for sending to travellers. The export voucher button is available for confirmed itineraries once you select one or more bookings on the booking page.

To export vouchers

  1. Confirm the itinerary
  2. On the bookings page, select one or multiple bookings
  3. Click on the “Create voucher” button
  4. A PDF voucher document gets created

The exported PDF voucher will create one voucher per page with grouped items combined into a single voucher. The organization logo will display on the voucher, if enabled. Each voucher includes the organization’s name and billing address alongside the name and email address of the itinerary owner.

Add a note to traveller

You can add a note to the traveller that you wish to display on vouchers (and also on the Final template via the Items postcard). To add a note:

  1. Go to the Bookings tab
  2. Select Edit booking for the Item you wish to add a note for
  3. In the Edit booking dialog add your note to the Note to Traveller text box.
  4. Click Save.

The Note to traveller will now display automatically on vouchers and on Final postcard where applicable.