Split pricing for itinerary travellers

The Split pricing feature is designed for customers who need to price itineraries with different prices for individual travellers or group of travellers within an itinerary. An agent can assign a unique sell price to each traveller or traveller group, so each split traveller has their own individual price displayed.

The agent must first determine the sell price to be assigned (manually outside of Tourwriter if necessary) then they are able to enable the Split pricing feature in the Edit total pricing dialog.

Note: Split pricing is only available once a Display price has been activated and the Balance of all Traveller amounts must equal the Display price total.

Activate Split pricing

When an Agent is in an Itinerary they can open the Edit total pricing dialog. If an Agency is associated with the Itinerary they will instead access the Edit total agent pricing dialog. 

  1. Open the Edit total pricing or Edit agent total pricing dialog
  2. Ensure a Display price is set for the itinerary and the Split pricing toggle will become active.
  3. Toggle the Split pricing toggle from Disabled to Enabled
  4. Add travellers by selecting a traveller name from the contact (these become visible as you type) or free type a traveller or traveller group name.
  5. Assign a sell price $ amount to each traveller or traveller group.
  6. Once the total of all traveller $ amounts matches the Display price, the Remaining balance will be $0 and the Save button will be active (Green).
  7. Click Save and Split pricing will be saved.

Itinerary pricing display options

If you have configured Split pricing you can enable the split prices to display on the Postcard or the Final Itinerary views by selecting Split pricing checkbox in the Itinerary pricing display options.

  1. Navigate to the Itinerary Pricing display options dropdown at the top of the Pricing tab.
  2. If Split pricing has been enabled the option to select Split pricing checkbox will be visible.
  3. Select the Split pricing checkbox.
  4. Collapse the display options dropdown.

Note: You can only select one at a time of either Price per traveller or Split pricing checkboxes.

Split pricing publishing

If Display options have been configured for Split pricing the Split pricing panel can display on both Postcard and Final template and on the PDF export.

When Sharing online:

  • Toggle Itinerary footer and pricing to Show

When Exporting to PDF:

  • Toggle Payments timeline to Include