The Tourwriter Story: A new era of itinerary creation

Tourwriter itinerary builder about

Before we could determine the name of our new product, we had to define the feeling we wanted it to evoke and, more importantly, imprint on those who use it.

We know through our own experiences and by talking with those in the travel industry that life is demanding, throwing us a thousand tasks a minute. Rest is hard to come by.

In music, a Tourwriter Rest is a moment of silence for 2 beats. It’s an opportunity for the musician to stop, take a pause before moving onto the next note.

With this in mind, we realised that rest is the driving experience we want to give our customers. Rest has nothing to do with activity and everything to do with a state of mind. If you are rested, no matter how wild the storm gets you keep it together, focussed on your task, what you have to get done.

Tourwriter is simple, clean, and lightweight; it allows for focussed travel design by stripping away the distractions that impede your most important task – creating a masterpiece.

Being a palindrome (reading the same back-to-front or front-to-back), Tourwriter re-imagines the creation process. Flexibility is built-in, allowing you to craft your itinerary in any order, follow any process, and collaborate with intermediaries any way you desire. Tourwriter enables designers to be nimble and creative at the same time.

Tourwriter is the canvas. You are the artist. We can’t wait to see what you create.