Itinerary pricing on Designer plan

A final sell price can be added to each proposal, before sending to your traveller/s.

  1. In your Itinerary workspace, navigate to the Pricing tab.
  2. Type the three letter currency code into the Currency field
  3. Enter a Price. This is a free format field.
  4. The currency and price will be displayed on the proposal itinerary under the How to Book section.

Itinerary Payments

Tourwriter makes receiving payments from your travellers a whole lot easier with the Stripe payment processing option. Connect to your Stripe account in Tourwriter to activate the Deposit payment option.

Setting up your Stripe account

The first step to setting up payments in Tourwriter is to connect your Stripe Account to Tourwriter.

  1. On your homepage, navigate to Organisation > Settings.
  2. In your Organisation settings, click the Connect button in the Stripe account section to link Tourwriter to your Stripe account.

  1. If you do not have a Stripe account you will be directed to complete a sign up form via the Stripe website.
  2. If you already have a Stripe account, click Sign in, located on the top right hand corner of the page.

Accepting a Deposit via Tourwriter

Once your Stripe account is connected to Tourwriter you will be ready to accept payments from your travellers. Follow the steps below to prepare your itinerary for accepting a deposit payment via Stripe:

  1. Open the itinerary you want to set a deposit amount for and navigate to the Pricing tab.
  2. Add a Deposit amount and a Due date for the amount to be paid.

  1. Once in the Proposal or the Final itinerary, your traveller will be able to select the Pay now option in the footer of the itinerary.

  1. Once the Pay now button is selected, your traveller will be prompted to enter their card details and complete the payment.

Note: The terms & conditions on the payment window directs you to the Terms & conditions page in the Booking Process section.

  1. Once deposit payment has been made the Payment section on your itinerary will display Deposit paid as highlighted below.

Note: Currently you can only add a Deposit to B2C itineraries. You do not get an option to pay a deposit amount for a B2B itinerary, i.e. an itinerary with intermediary.